Pacific Parc

Pacific Parc is a bar, bistro and rocknroll dancing. You'll find us a the Westergasfabriek - a former gasfactory now transformed into a bustling cultural hotspot and laid back park - in XXX Amsterdam XXX.

Rock n roll

We're known for our wild rocknroll dance nights and rowdy live gigs. Take that rnr part loosely; a night a Pacific Parc can, and most often will, cover most all parts of the musical spectrum*. But we always find ourselves going back to our original love for rock and roll. 

Check out our listing for info about our diskjocks and bands (mixed dutch-english but you'll figure it out). Dance nights and bands start after dinnertime so that's about 11 o clock.

Bar Bistro

Pacific Parc is a great place for casual dining and drinks. We host a french bistro menu - classic, homemade food at a fair price. Hot a la carte dishes are served all day so you can enjoy a propper steak-frites for lunch as well as a sandwich.

For dinner reservations call: 0031 20 4887778

We're opened all day from 11:00 for coffee, beer or tequila slammers. Enjoy our fireplace from hell for cozy evenings and when the sun is out we open our big, spacious and laid back park side terrace.

*We don't really consider techno or "EDM" to be music so don't come looking for that kinda stuff.